Thursday, August 6, 2009

#5 I'm not murdered

I'm not dead, just busy.
Every girl have their busy times don't they?
I know every each of all of you missed me.
If not why bother asking me for update?
Don't be shy, I know you love me.

The last time I check, FC and NE were deeply in love. They were very close to get together aren't they? I think something happened and he got dumped? Well, its hurtful but true. Not sure when, how and why but yes he got dumped alright. Pity that guy. He can be friends with LK now. Lonely boys. Maybe they can start a new Lonely Boys Association, I think quite a few will join it.

I really wonder how's AK and JL relationship is right now. After that little 'incident', I haven't actually heard any news about them. Hmmmm. Why is that? No sparks without getting physical? Awwww.

All my claps and compliments goes to you S-A. With all the messages in the c-box, it actually proved that everyone hates you. Don't you feel a little bit of humility when you reply back to those messages, defending yourself? I really wonder how you feel. You could even write a book one day and tell the whole world, how its like being hated.

And don't tell me I should write that book, cause I know all of you love me.

you know you love me,
DJ Gossip Girl

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

#4 lonely boy, lonely again?

Missed me again?
Don't be cause I'm here.

How is that slutty CC? Its heard that she's juggling boys now. From that bad ass LK that she dated and broke up after, I don't know 2-3 weeks of dating? and with this form 4 guy ER? Don't make a love triangle dear. Everyone hates that, bitch. I really wonder they really want you? Or they just want you cause your really, hmmm, I'm not sure, SLUTTY? Goodluck with both guys. We'll see what happens next.

Is it me? Or is BT is really going to get in trouble soon. And again like CC, juggling boys from LT to BW. Awww, I feel kinda bad to you 2 guys, now knowing what a bad ass girl she is. Well, she can't have both can she?

How LR and RT? They were seen lovey dovey for a couple weeks now. Can RT accept him back after what he did? Were there any other guys in between the break up? I heard that there was. Pity LR, the girlfriend wasn't that trustable is she?

Well, LOUD was great wasn't it? A lot of things happened there.

You know you love me,
DJ Gossip Girl

Thursday, July 23, 2009

#3 when you release a wild boar out of its trap

Missed me? Awwww, don't be. Let me tell you little kids sometthing, if I would have update this often, it wouldn't be fun, would it?
Seeing all of you asking for updates make me all excited!

Now, back to my job. =)

Now that BW and LL together? Deeply in love each other while JW's suffering at the background? or has he moved on to that little HMY as they are always seen together nowadays? Don't worry, if you still haven't move on, you can use the condoms that I heard someone gave you to protect yourself. Good luck on your next love life. Don't make it too bad like the last one.

How about the fight between our prefects? TI and our very own head prefect, LN. Meooow. I love bitchy catfights. Watch out LN, not everyone like brats like you.

Rumours said it that our indian prefect DS is in love with indian bitch PN? What if its vice versa? If it is, imagine if they're together. I would imagine DS being one of her little slave for that over-controlling wannabe. Awwww, too bad for him then.

Just the way I always like it, short and sweet.
In, my oppinion, I don't really like the name initials things.
What do you say? I pity some of you whose brains are quite slow and unable to intrepet these initials.
It won't be so fun anymore would it?

I think i'll meet most of you at LOUD '09.
Tata little kids.
See you there.

You know you love me,
DJ Gossip Girl.

Monday, July 20, 2009

#2 when they say its true it ain't

I'm not here to write any gossip or rumours. yet.
I'm here to inform you something.
Too make all of you happy like bitches.
I'll use initials.
So at least,
it'll be a little game for all of you.
a very little yet interesting.
have fun.

you know you love me,
DJ gossip girl.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

#1 once upon a time,

awww. what happen to miss goody goody AS and AN?
I thought they were nothing but 2 little angels.
I guess I was wrong. Like they say. Never judge book by its cover.
They almost got kicked out of school for bitching about teachers.
Pity they got caught. Luckily, they were given the chance and only got suspended.
You're just lucky this time.

What about the story on BT breaking up this her beloved boyfriend too choose between BW and LT but I heard that theres chances that LJ is included?
Hold on there, three guys competiting over that barbie doll? Woah.

Its also heard that FC was trying get NE?
Hows NML feeling? Its heard that she cried when a false rumour spread that F and N are together since they were looking so lovey dovey together.
Awww, pity as its heard that she's not interested in F? True or false? We don't know. Yet.

AT and SK together? Cute. But not to C, A's ex.Problem accepting the fact that S is with A now? Aww. Next time, don't act like a total SLUT.

Thats only a little,
we don't want to tell it all out do we?
it won't be fun no more if so.
Next time.

You know you love me,
DJ Gossip Girl.